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Rock brotherhood

Biblical Manhood

Rock Bible men model our values on Jesus Christ's example. In Robert Lewis' series on The Quest for Authentic Manhood, he contrasts the behaviors of Adam and Jesus. As such, he encourages Godly men to follow Jesus, and:

  1. Reject Passivity. The first Adam fell into passivity and disregarded his responsibilities. His decisions were based on personal instinct, human reason, and reaction. This is a natural course, but we are called to a spiritual one. 
  2. Accept Responsibility. The opposite of accepting passivity is accepting responsibility. Jesus accepted responsibility for a will to obey, for a work to do, and for a woman to love (the church).
  3. Lead Courageously. Jesus set direction, provided protection, and made provision. Godly men are called to do the same, but in order to do so, we must master one significant obstacle: our feelings. 
  4. Invest Eternally. Our actions are deposits into the bank of expecting greater rewards to come.

Men's Fraternity

We meet weekly September through May.  You can join us on either 6am on Wednesday mornings or at 7pm on Monday evenings in the church sanctuary

We spend about one hour each week learning and discussing with each other some male-specific Godly material,

inspiring us to be better in each of the four categories on manhood: king, warrior, friend, and lover.

If you have questions about Men's Fraternity, contact Nick Drabec.

previous Study

We just finished studying Robert Lewis' The Great Adventure series. From the cover: "Life should be an adventure, but too often it seems tiring, even boring.  The Great Adventure challenges you to break free from the bondage of boredom and begin the great adventure that God has uniquely designed for you.  A required component of this study is "Servants by Design," an online personality assessment that will help you understand your natural strengths and the environments in which you thrive."